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New compose and reply experience in Gmail

Rupa Akter | 10:41 |

Gmail new features for compose and reply. Now Gmail users can write massage in a clean and simple way in their writings. Gmail highlight some of features for user. Take a look below:

Fast: Now users can compose massage from their inbox. It will be easy and faster way for user.

Simple: Users can register with a clean way, streamline look.

Powerful: Now users can check emails as users typing. New users can minimize draft emails and can compose two emails at a time.

Details of compose window given below:

Recipients: Users can easily type recipients email address in the text box. Users can add Cc or Bcc at a time. Users can drag and drop email recipients one fields to another’s fields and remove recipients using”x” from the text box. In the hover users can see more about recipients and can edit their address.

Text formatting: By clicking A users can find formatting options. Using these options users can find a set of different types of fonts, easily modified fonts size, clicking B make letters bold, clicking I make letters Italic, clicking U make letters underline and clicking A make change in letters colors. Users can use Numbered list, bulleted list and can align text at a time.

New compose and reply experience in Gmail
Gmail New Features
 Attachments: By clicking attachments icon users can easily attached their attachments.

Insert Options: By clicking “+” Users can insert files using Google Drive, can insert photo from personal computer or using web URL, users can insert web address by clicking anchor icon, user can sharing their emotions by clicking insert emotions icon and user can invite any one for an event or others programs.

Discard: By clicking trash con icon users can discard draft emails.

More Options: Users now can check letters spell by using more options also see plain text format, find print options, can adding a level and can include original attachments. 

Window Size: Users grows windows longer based on their writings. If you want the window to be bigger then click top right corner middle icon for big window. others icon for minimize and close the window.